Erratic behavior

I bought a Clip Zip a few weeks ago, and until last night, I had no problems with it. I plugged it into a USB port on my computer, and when I unplugged it a few hours later, the screen said “Low Battery”, even though it had been supposedly charging for a while, and it had more than 50% charge when I initially plugged it in. I plugged it in again, at which point it showed the usual “Transferring” and “Connected” messages. Then it went into a cycle of showing the splash screen, making a “ding” sound, showing “Connected”, then showing the splash screen…

I took it off the computer, and got the “refreshing your media” screen, which was strange, because I hadn’t transferred any files. I plugged it into an AC charger with a female USB connector at the end of the cable, and it behaved normally. When I took it off the charger this morning, it showed only 60% charge after having been on the charger overnight. I then plugged it back into the computer, but it wasn’t detected, so I changed the USB mode. That worked, but when I opened it in Windows Explorer, I didn’t see any of the files I had loaded onto to it. They weren’t deleted- they’re still on the player. The only audio files visible are the pre-installed podcasts. The strangest thing is that the folders for the pre-installed music files show up- not the files themselves, just the folders. I deleted those files and folders the first day I got the thing. Oh- and the time/date was wrong, too. It has the latest firmware.

Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, did you fix the problem? Thanks.

You may not be seeing some of the files because the computer only shows the files that were transferred to the player under the USB mode that you then are connected under. But unclear as to the problems to begin with; you might try reapplying the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum)–firmware can become corrupted over time, and this could fix matters.

Your ‘missiing files’ situation is obviously caused by the MTP/MSC visibility issue mentioned by Miikerman. This can be easily resolved though. I would be more concerned about the charging issue, and would see about returning it to your dealer for an exchange or contact SanDisk Tech Support/Custoomer Service about a warranty replacement.

Personally, I would try reapplying the firmware first–maybe this is just some corrupt code. But if you wish a replacement without more, as suggested by Tapeworm, contact SanDisk.

It certainly can’t hurt re-applying the firmware. Whether or not it will help, the OP won’t know until he tries it. The charging issue though is strange and unusual, so it should be monitored closely and if the firmware reapplication doesn’t solve it, steps should be taken to have it replaced, either by the dealer or SanDisk under warranty. :wink:

Thank you all for your attention and suggestions. I read over some other threads here after I made that post, and decided to try reformatting. So far, it looks like it worked. It’s even charging normally again now. Thank you all again.

Great to hear–thanks for the update.  And now, hopefully, enjoy the player trouble-free!   :slight_smile: