Erasing non compatible files

White screen problems. I have reset…and thanks for the tip…but I think I have a serious problem. I’m new at this only use the radio feature. Tried to upload music from Itunes (cd’s I ripped not knowing this can be directly done thru Media player). I believe they are on my MP3 and that is why screen is now white. How do I erase the non compatible files so I can start this again. Also…I have both a pc and apple…which is easier to use to copy cd’s to my Sansa Fuze???

First try a soft reset–which is basically a full reboot.  Hold the power button up for 15-30, holding onto it for a while after the screen goes black. Then try turning on again.

If you can get it to turn on, the easiest thing might be to wipe all your files off. You’d do that by going to Settings/System Settings and Format. That will erase everything and you can start over.

If you can’t get it to turn on without the white screen, turn it off again. Then, with it off, slide the power button DOWN into Hold position–you’ll see an orange dot. Use the PC, turn it on, open Computer (or My Computer) connect the USB cord. Then hold down the << side of the wheel and connect the USB. That forces a connection.  Right-click on the Fuze and you can Format from Windows. Choose FAT32 from the list.

Now…since you are going back and forth between computers, you should go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and make it MSC. That is the universal mode–just like plugging any other USB drive into either computer. The other setting, MTP, is to work with Windows Media Player. No Windows Media Player on that Apple computer, so…

You don’t want to use Auto Detect, because that will detect Windows Media Player on your PC, and go to MTP, and then not find it on the Apple, and go to MSC. Using one mode all the time is easier.

You can use either iTunes or Windows Media Player to rip CDs. But make them both rip to .mp3. The settings in iTunes (at least in my Windows version) are buried in Edit/Preferences/Advanced (not the Advanced you see elsewhere).Change it from the Apple format, which won’t play on the Fuze, to .mp3.

In Windows Media Player, you can change the Rip settings from .wma, which won’t play on your Apple, to .mp3.

Choose good quality, 192 kbps or higher, for both of your .mp3 rippers.