EQ spectrum moves slowly when playing FLAC

Before i updated from 2.1.16 to 2.1.32 i had no problems, but after this i updated it, it  took the device 20 sec to load up (i fix this problem by formatting), and the EQ visual spectrum started to move slowly. just wanted to infrom you sandisk team. thx for the help

did anyone also notice that?

had same issue, only solved by formatting the memory.

I tried flac, ogg, and mp3 and don’t see any problems with the visual spectrum effect.

Maybe try different types of codecs? 

Usiing various devices, the Clip’s spectrum display is a treat, as it’s atomic fast.  Quite mesmerizing to watch, albeit for a short time.

The display speed is all about available processor time and overhead.  This is why formatting the Clip made a difference: I’d wager that you had wee 4KB Windows-style file allocation clusters on your device, prior to formatting with better 32KB clusters.  The resulting streamlined file allocation table means far less overhead, and a snappy display.

FLAC requires more processor time than, say, 128KB/s MP3.  This may indeed slow the spectrum display.

At a minimum, format your device using the device’s built-in fornat command, Rhapsody also uses 32KB, or if under Windows, manually select 32KB.  The nuclear option is the Clip’s internal Format command, as it optimizes with 32KB clusters.

Remember, what you’re doing is wiping the slate clean, wiping all music from the device.  After the device is formatted, reload your music into a properly prepped memory.  Always have a backup of your music.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: