Entering Network Password - Done button unresponsive

I just bought a backup Connect (I don’t trust the battery longevity) off eBay.  It looks new, with the sticker still on the screen.

When I enter the 13-digit WEP password and hit the “Done” button (Right button), nothing happens.  So I can’t complete my Network Connection.  I loaded music on the player via USB, hoping to find any screen that had a right button icon, but couldn’t find any.  I reset to Factory Settings, but no change.

Am I doing something wrong?  Or is this just a faulty right button? 

I’d recommend using the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool, then try again.

Thanks, good idea.  Didn’t work, but provided me another test of the right button, which is another confirmation that it doesn’t work.  I didn’t get the “Recovery Needed” screen when I followed this part of the Recovery Tool instructions, but instead got a normal 5-ball startup:

“While holding down the Right Button, and Volume Up Button,
press-and-release the Power Button. Keep holding the Right
Button and Volume Up Button. After a few seconds, the device
will start and display a “Recovery Needed” screen.”

Seems like the right button is broken, not registering a click, and I’ve pressed really hard many times.  But I could probably limp along happily without ever using that right button except for that one time to register “Done” to signal entry completion of the network password.  Is disassembly my only hope for possibly making that contact?  Or is there something else that might work?