Endurance cycle of NAND chip inside Sandisk Extreme SSD 240GB

Hello everybody !

I have recently purchase a Sandisk Extreme SSD 240GB.

Is everyone has information about the number of erase cycle that support nand chip inside it or the amount of data can be written to it before the cells dies.



take a look at this thread.


Thanks a lot for this link. The topic seems to be so interesting. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?271063-SSD-Write-Endurance-25nm-Vs-34nm&p=5121415&viewfull=1#post5121415 

With regards to endurance, I am curious about the write cycle count if I began writing 10GB files to the drive until it filled up. We need to archive public meetings (audio/video) to the drive and never erase any files once they are written. Or to say it another way, if I have 24 sessions of plugging the drive in (stays turned off until needed) and writing 10GB per session, how many write cycles occur per NAND cell? I think the answer is 1, but I don’t know how writes/erases happen for this memory type. Bottom line, reliability for reads from the device decades after files have been appended to the drive with no erase ever executed. Thanks!

Do not rely on decades of archival storage on SSDs.

For that sort of archival storage, you should be using appropriate technology (maybe tape drive or blue ray) and appropriate care to maintain the archive. (multiple backups, move data to new tapes/disk as old devices age)

It isn’t something you can just “slap” on a drive and chuck into the corner and forget about in 20 years … if you want to ensure at least some data isn’t lost along the way.

Retention time of a nand chip seems to be less than 10 years, and it decrease when the cells are used (after important number of program/erase)