Encryption could not be resumed

I was busy encrypting my 16GB Sandisk Cruze and by accident
it was removed before completion.Now it seem that the stick is corrupted.How
can I take off the bitlocker and format the disk again.

bit locker encrypts your harddrive and stores the encryption key on the usb drive. as far as i know it does not actually encrypt the usb drive. you should be able to format the usb drive and restore it to default. 

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Hi Drlucky

Thank you for your reply, but this solution is not working,any other suggestions?




You do realize that SPAM bots scan all forums looking for email addresses right?

if you are talking about the bitlocker encryption on your PC harddrive then you should probably go to a windows 7 forum and ask there. 

No,its my 16GB Sandisk Cruze

No,it’s my 16GB Sandisk Cruze.

What is the name of the app were you using to encrypt your 16GB Sandisk Cruze?