Empty SD card still says it's full

We have deleted all the data off of our SD card.  However, when we try to use the card in our action camera, it still says “card full”. How can we fix this problem?

How did you delete the files? Using a Mac or PC? is using a mac, you have to empty your Trash while the drive/card is still connected. Otherwise if you don’t, only the ‘reference’ to the files will be deleted, not the actual files themselves.

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I believe that your files is not deleted properly. Connect your SD card to PC and then check, if files is there then delete it on PC.

If files are not there but it still shows “card is full but no files”, then follow the below-steps to fix it.

  • Connect your card to PC via card reader.
  • On PC click Start and type CMD in search bar and hit ENTER button.
  • Command Prompt Window will get open. Now type the following command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.* and hit ENTER.
  • Here you need to replace “g:” drive with your SD card drive letter name.

Once the process gets complete, go back to “This PC/My Computer” and open the SD card and you will all your files reappear.

Now delete the files from memory card on PC itself that you do not want to free up space.

Information Source: rescuedigitalmedia.com/fixed-sd-card-says-full-but-it-is-not

Deleting data from Memory Card can be time taking as you need to make a backup of your data on your PC/Laptop so that anytime you can get back your files whenever needed. I too once had to delete data from the memory card as it got corrupted.

I tried a few steps that helped me in deleting data and it really worked. So I would like to share with you.

Try Diskpart In Command Prompt

  • Press the  Windows + R key
  • Type  cmd  to open  Command Prompt
  • Now, type  exe
  • Type  diskpart  and Enter
  • After that type  command list disk  and enter
  • It displays a list of all the disks on the system
  • Now, type Select disk #  (replace # with disk number of your memory card that you see in the  Disk Management  option)
  • Then, type  clean  and Enter
  • Let the process to be complete
  • A message will display  DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk
  • After this close the  Command Prompt

Try this step by step. It will really work. If you want to know more methods on How to Delete data from Memory Card Completely then visit the blog.

Thank you!

Your advice worked.

I made an account on here just to say thank you to you haha.

I typed this issue into a google search bar and it brought me to you which fixed my problem without having to download any software.

Once again you are a hero. :slight_smile: