Edits to Word Document After Password Timeout NOT Saved Back To SanDisk

Hi all,

Bought a SanDisk 64MB stick the other day and put a bunch of Word documents into the Vault (encrypted area of the flash drive).  In the flash’s settings, I set the Password Timeout to the max of 120 minutes.

Long story short, I opened an existing Word document in the morning and worked on the document throughout the day, much longer than just 2 hours.  At the end of the day, some 8 hours later, I manually saved my document.  This morning when I logged into the Vault again, I saw that the document’s date/time stamp was displayed PRIOR to when I had saved my document yesterday afternoon.  Sure enough, when I opened the document, it appears that none of my changes I made yesterday were in the document.

So I got to wondering…does the flash’s Password Timeout setting prohibit changes made to an open document AFTER the expiration of the timeout being written back to the file on the flash/in the Vault? 

I know that an encrypted file is temporarily stored in the >Users>[username]>AppData>Local>Temp>encryptstick folder when the file is opened by the native program during editing.  But it appears to me that if the Password Timeout expires before the user has saved their changes to the file, the changes are permanently lost…at least mine are.

Is this ‘standard’ procedure for the SecureAccess application?  If so, the Password Timeout setting should allow the user to extend beyond 120 minutes OR at least there should be a pop-up notification to the user prior to the expiration so the user can manually save any changes to an open documents.




Seriously, 64MB? Not 64GB?

Never directly edit a document in Secure Access, especially encrypted.

Secure Access is NOT an operation desk.

I knew this kind of issue will come out, so I always edit the document first, then lock it.


i just tested the Secure Access with this timeout option and you were right.

So if the login expires or you log off and try to save the documend to the vault, then it will save “normally” without an error message but the document will be not saved inside the vault.

So if you like to make changes to documents that are inside the vault then you will need to take them out from the vault or change the expiration time so the vault will not log off when you change the documents.

I hope i could help you a bit with this explanation.

Thanks for the replies.

I cannot believe that the developers of SecureAccess 2.0 intentionally created a program that will not, at the bare minimum, notify the user that their password session is about to expire, and thus allow the user to continue to edit a document AFTER their session expires, thus causing them to lose data/changes!

This really needs to be addressed and fixed. Because I write for a living, I am constantly editing documents and don’t feel the necessity to move my document out of the vault to edit them. I was a long-time user of another maker’s flash drive that had whole-drive password protection (no separate ‘vault’), and no matter what file was edited, the changes were always changed. There was no password timeout.