eaudiobook snsa m230 help needed

What difference does MTC vs MTP make?

I have windows media player v11 and can’t sync eaudiobook to sandisk.  Sandisk has MTP or select automatically.  I went in and selected MTP and when I turn player on I get a screen that says MTP.  I changed back to select automatically select and screen still shows MTP when I turn it on or plug it in.  I have tried to learn, but am new and don’t understand all terminology.  How to’s from Sandisk don’t address my problem and they don’t help any since nothing acts like their demos.  Also, I deleted some files from my computer and they still show on the sync results as unble to locate and I can’t get rid of that.  Does it matter?  Does anyone have patience to help me?

MTP is the same as Auto Detect. MSC is different.
I would suggest studying the How to Videos.
They show the various methods for transferring files
and playlists.

I would suggest you reformat your player and start
clean. Back up your files as it will erase all.

How to Videos Click Here

More Videos including Windows Media Player 10 and 11
instruction   Click Here

mtp mode is required to transfer audiobooks since most of them are copyright protected,connect the player open up windows media player , click on the sync tab, find your audiobook through the library and drag it to the far right where it says drag items here to sync to device, click on the start sync tab on the bottom righ of the screen and it should be synchronized