Easy Album Art with RockAA

I just find (and test successfully) a software to add cover from my albums. It support the sansa firmware format thus it was originaly made for rockbox.

If you want to have the cover of your albums in the fuze and do it easily, it’s the software you need :


A little help :

  • launch rockaa

-select “sansa OF (directory)”

  • select “toggle folder scan mode”

  • a directory icon appears, click on it and select your music library folder

  • a list appears with the list of the album. For each,click on “start search”, the select the right cover and “save” (you could modify the settings tosave by double-click)

  • that’s finished!! You just have to transfer your directories (with the jpg file include) on your fuze player (I use for it the MSC mode of the fuze)


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