Easiest way to get videos???

Does anyone know how to get videos and if i can get any for free???

Well . . . you can download torrents using the Utorrent program (although that could lead to illegal activity) . . . But *Free* usually goes hand in hand with illegal when it comes to digital files. A way to get free legal videos is by downloading youtube downloader. After the download is completed, reformat that video file to mpeg-4 and convert it with Sansa Media Converter. Thats how I do it anyways


@hazel44 wrote:
Does anyone know how to get videos and if i can get any for free???

google “bit torrent” or “Vuze”.  I’ve heard that googling those would be applicable places to start. You will need to do a bit of learning (no pun intended).  This isn’t the place to go into detail.   This is a legal gray area technically so you should also research the legal issues.

IMO, feature-length movies are not a good way to go on the Fuze.  (part of this is that SMC makes an avi file that’s 2 or 3 times the size of the original-even though the image size is way smaller!!!)

Much better are the short ten minute clips from YouTube.  I have seen some feature films broken up into separate chunks like that on Youtube too.

We also find that short “home movies” out of the fdigital camera are quite fun to carry around and show others or just peruse yourself.  SMC should be able to get an avi file straight out of your camera (after copy to a hard drive of course) and get it onto the Fuze with no issues.

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