Easiest way to batch rename ID tags in sequentially increasing order?

Well, since the managers of these companies have their greedy heads up their asses as usual, we cannot order our MP3’s by filename, and instead are restricted to ordering only using ID tags.

I have an mp3 audio book, and the ID tag “Title” entries are not in an alphanumerically increasing sequence, therefore the ordering is completely f|_|cked when I load it on my Clip.  

I have two applications which can batch edit ID tags: MP3Tag and The Godfather.  I want to change the “Title” tag to a simple numerical increasing sequence (i.e. the first file’s “Title” tag will be changed to “01”, the second file’s “Title” tag will be changed to “02”, etc…), so that my stupid Clip will play the files in the order that it would play them if it was designed intelligently.  It’s a real headache to figure out how to do this.  Can someone tell me, link me to an explanation, or simply give me the necessary script?

Thank you

edit: POS idiots won’t even let you curse, let alone order your files in an intelligent manner… what an absolutely brainless managerial class we have, no wonder socioeconomic conditions are in the shape they’re in

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Or perhaps a way to simply replace the “Title” tag with the filename?

God this is absolutely retarded to have to waste time on this…  SANSAAAAAA!!!    :manmad:  :manmad:  :manmad:

Found “Filename -> Tag” in MP3Tag.  So, workaround complete.

Problem will never truly be solved unless they provide firmware which allows folder/file based browsing/playback.  What a great way to waste our time, performing what should be unnecessary file/tag name conversions.  :neutral_face:

When you consider how many man hours are wasted on what should be unnecessary workarounds, across the entire economy, it’s absolutely staggering… We could be living in a better world, have more time to spend with our families, friends, and to develop ourselves, instead we are robbed of our free time by shltty management of the corporations which control the design of the technology that we use.

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Wow.  From 1815 to 1847, 32 minutes from initial post to a solution, on your own.  Why invest so much of those mere 32 minutes venting at the evil %^$#@ corporation?? 

Allowing for the efficiency losses caused by the posts, under 20 minutes.

Please, keep it civil.  Hiding the obvious curses under a character or two is insulting.

This is Max Planck, with Albert Einstein.  If you follow his work, he showed patience.  And a lot more.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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The only way these socioeconomic problems will be solved is if a greater number of people begin to understand what they are and why they exist.  The way to increase awareness about something is to talk about it.  So, I would not count my time spent posting about the root cause of these problems as wasted.  

Last time I checked, the historical record revealed that a “dirty swear word” has never harmed anyone.  However, the effects of the greed that is endemic in our socioeconomic planner/managerial class harm everyone.  

The really offensive thing is to NOT talk about it while the world burns, people suffer, and die.  If you follow Einstein’s work against nuclear weapons and war, you will know that he would agree.

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I am reminded of The Holy Grail, Scene 3.

Glad to see you have found a solution to your issue.  Diligence rewarded.  Don’t forget that as this is a public forum, diligence is required as anyone can read these posts, especially children.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Like your funny posts neutron_bob - especially the holy grail one.

I am disappointed the thread starter feels this way about the Sansa player because anyone who buys it has to understand one thing… it is a player for an organised music listener.

My various MP3 players just play tracks out of folders (etc) and while that worked it was not anything spectacular, however - the Sansa Clip plays the files via the ID3 tags and so allows you to search for something good to listen to via artist or genre (amongst other things) therefore giving you multiple avenues of choice when selecting what music you want to listen to and what ‘type’ you want to llisten to.

I find that system great and alot better than just looking at folders and selecting songs.

However, if you just have folders of MP3s and dont have them tagged properly (and that includes audiobooks) then you need to get organised before using the Sansa.  Lets face it, the tagging of MP3s is an amazing idea and MP3s shining glory because afterall - most MP3s are encoded to 128kbps and you DO lose alot of your music quality and that is nothing to shout about.

So, the choice is buy an player that uses an old fashioned folders selection method, or buy a Sansa Clip that uses various up-to-date tag search functions.

I recently helped a chap out regarding tagging of audiobooks and am awaiting a reply to see if it worked for him - if my method DID work then this is a worthy procedure to get your MP3 audiobook looking good.

Anyway, thats enough rambling for now.


Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.