Earbuds: alternatives needed


I’m finding the earbuds provided with my SE a little uncomfortable after long usage.  

Can anyone suggest an alternative, more flexi type for long-wear?  

Thx - L.

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You can look at the site’s forums that is in sig.

There’s another thread that answers this question

I use a Philips SHE5910 that I bought from Wal-Mart for $15 and I love it.

It uses a reflected-speaker design, It’s Frequency range is 16 - 22 000 Hz, A Sensitivity of 106 dB, An Impedance of 16 Ohm, with a Maximum power input of 50 mW.

I use this on the bus to and from work and even soft music or words a very easy to understand over the background noise of the busses and the traffic.

I’am very happy with this product.

And I find them very comfortable to use, They stay in and I hardly even notice them in my ears.

with the other ear-bud type headphones that I have used it can be very hard to hear over the ROAR of the busses, but not with the Philips SHE5910.

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Not sure what you plan to use them for but I had a problem with the ear buds falling out during exercise. After trying several different pairs, both inthe ear and over the ear and returning them all, I found that the Sennheiser MX-75 work the best for me. They look strange but they fit very securely and sound great. They were less than $40 w/ shipping from JR music.