Ear Phones

Any suggestions on head phones. I perfer earbuds with little wires to put on ears, just for insurense. The ones that came with it… well suck. I don’t wanna use my huge ones and i have a budget, not sure what it is though. Any suggestions.

YOu can also try the “IN-ear” type buds.  They fit like an earplug and give a lot better sound.  I’ve seen decent ones for about $20 or so…

wow, im late!  but the good ear buds fit in ear like ear plugs! not the ones you get w/mp3 players.
I use jvc marshmellows “soft n cozy”

I got the JVC marshmellow ones as well… comfortable, decent noise blocking, and decent price, about $24.99 at Best Buy.

im using sennheiser CX400 with my clip…
i got mine for around $60

I like the information I’ve seen so far about the Maximo iMetal 490 earbuds- they’ll be here in a day or two…my big ears are hard to fit.

I’d bet the big Stax electrostatic headphones I had years ago would sound pretty cool with the sansa…but the power supply and “head boxes” absolutely dwarf the device.

I’ll update as soon as they arrive…fingers crossed!

Bob  :wink:

I’ve been using Sony Fontopias but after getting used to listening to music at home more, they’re starting to sound like crap.  They did sound better than the marshmallows to me, but they’re a tad more expensive (~$30 online, up to $50 in some local stores.)

I’ve been meaning to slap together an altoids tin headphone amplifier and experiment (as seen on many audio sites and forums.)  Also, I hear great things about the Koss KSC-75 ear clip headphones, for those who don’t like things that go into their ears.  I had a similar set of Koss earclips years back that sounded fantastic (I only stopped using them when a friend I was lending them to accidentally broke off the plastic ear clips.  The 75s seem to use metal.)  I’ve been meaning to get my hands on these myself.

I have been using the Maximo iMetals for a few days now.  They sound great!  They come with a cool clamshell zipper case, plus a 2 foot extension cable.  The sound quality is very good, as is the isolation difference of the in-ear type.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

I like the sound isolation ones. Ultimate Ears, Shure, Etymotic, and Westone (along with a few others) make fantastic headphones.

My friend has a set of SkullCandys  (also sound isolating) and I was really impressed by the build quality, and he is satisified with the sound. They are also reasonably priced at $60-70.

Skull Candy makes some pretty decent ones:

But overall, quality-wise, Bose is your best bet.