ear bud jack connection

I just got my San Disk Sansa clip and was sitting here listening to some music - and all of a sudden there was no sound.  The Sansa was clipped to my shirt.  I finally figured out that the ear bud jack is really really sensitive and was pushed in all the way.  When I pulled it out a big it started working again.  After fiddling with it for a few minutes, it started working okay again - but is still very very sensitive to being touched.  Is this normal?  Did I get a defective set?  I have used this for maybe 15 minutes - still setting it up.  Thanks.

When the Clip+ is new the jack is tight. A little force is needed to get the plug all the way in.

And it sometimes can be alot of force that is needed, the first few times (people have been concerned that they were going to break the player), until the jack loosens up a bit.