i just got the Sandisk refurb e280v2 for christmas, and it wont let me drag videos or photos on it, ive hunt the forums for awhile and i cant find anything, please help!(future thanks)

Yeah its a DRAG. you gotta download and use SMC (Sandisk Media Converter) and use to to download your media into your e280v2. I have an e280v2 and its brought nothing but pain to me… I wanna stab  my e280v2 and shoot myself afterwards. I beleive you can use drag files into it and have it work, but you have to set it on MSC mode. Dont forget to update firmware on it too. If you want here is the link to posts with my problems that im still figuring out… LinkHere

When purchasing my e280v2 i was hoping for a very user friendly interface. Oh how sandisk failed me…