E280R suggestions

  • Please test things like firmware updater on Vista.  How about a Beta test arrangement? Having the Sansa Dispatcher and Startup problems. Seeing the exception as well. Vista never crashed until I bought the Sansa.  Still very much worth the hassle, however!  This board has been of immense help.  
  • On the FM Radio use a bigger font for the MHz. Big nearly empty screen with tiny number in the middle.  I fall asleep to it and have my glasses off!
  • Absolutely love exploring all music genres with Rhapsody, but this leads to lots of junk as well.  Would like a quick (top of menu) kill this track/album/artist forever.
  • Use this with my Bose radio, but it’s level doesn’t match.  Instead of high/low setting, an adjustable output level would be great.  The ring would then go from 0 to that level.
  • Bought two base stations.  Would love to see a Radio link that plugs onto the Sansa itself.  There is no better remote that the Sansa’s own front panel!
  • I hope this thing deosn’t go obsolete too soon.  Notes that this is the last firmware update for the 280R are alarming, especially with the outstanding Vista issues.
  • If a title is too big, the scroll is really, really slow.

Now the positive which outweighs the rest. 

  • Very well constructed, (includes the Base Station).
  • The battery can be changed!
  • Well thought out except my small nits above. 
  • Radio is amazingly sensitive- thought it would be a never use, but it’s not.
  • Works perfectly with my Sennheiser noise reduction headphones.

I really love this thing!