E280 version

I bought my unit on Saturday at Future Shop.  It was advertised as an e280, and neither the packaging nor the installation CD contains any reference to Rhapsody.  The e280 itself, however, has Rhapsody stamped (or laser engraved?) on the back, and says it’s an e280R.  Which is it?  It seems to make a difference which firmware I use.  FYI, I have no interest in a subscription service.  I bought it to carry music already on my computer, etc.

when scrolling through the menus do you have a section for Rhapsody Channels? If so its a e280R. You can still use it to play regular mp3s etc.

if you have .15a firmware then you have the regular e200 player. Seems like there was a mixup in packaging. E200R’s have a different sent in numbers regarding to firmware.

No Rhapsody Channels, so I guess it’s actually an e280 with an e280R rear case…

Another way to check whether its a e280 and E280r is in settings on a E280 it will say USB mode. E280r will say just Mode.

my friend bought a c240(1GB) last december but the back cover says c250(2GB)…
he thoght he got lucky but when he check the capacity, it’s just 1GB