e280 v2 Shuffle Weirdness

OK, this doesn’t bother me enough to do a factory reset. I just wanted to see if anyone else observed the same behavior.

I’m the second owner of my e280. It was well-kept by a nice family who fed it well, petted it nicely, and played with it every day from the day they first brought it home. Nonetheless, it does have some… idiosyncrasies.

The most noticeable of these is its habit of repeating the same several songs in the same order during shuffle. These strings are typically about 5 songs long and will even reapeat back-to-back. I haven’t figured out what makes the string change, whether it only happens when I change the player’s content or if it changes when I pick another “seed” song during shuffling.

Again, I’m just wondering if anyone else has observed the same thing.