E280 V2 Playlist shuffle

Please provide a fix for the failing shuffle function in Playlist play.  It worked great for the first few weeks but soon moved to shuffling only between a few albums on a playlist.  Sometimes, it plays only the 1st song and then goes back to the music list.  I have seen other posts asking for randomization to the point that songs are not repeated in a list (playlist or album or artist) until the the whole list has been played.  This seems like a strange function to have to ask for - it’s fairly well implied.  But mine hasn’t worked long enough for me to discover this shortcoming.


I have exactly the same problems with newest firmware and additionally following playlist issues:

  • Playlists can have only 250 entrys if edited on pc (others reported 500)
  • sometime message about DRM issue pops up (please refresh license) when pressing next - especially if you have large playlists