e280 Plugged into a possibly bad USB port and it fried my sansa?

Hello all, this may be my last posting! I am so sad and upset: I just plugged my e280 V1 into a friends computer using a sandisk connector cable i got for free out of a freebox (varible No. 1) and plugged it into his front USB port (variable No. 2) ; it didn’t turn on, and then now it won’t turn on AT ALL.  I opened up the back and took out the battery, and it was VERY WARM.  I messed with the battery in there for a moment and it still wouldn’t turn on.  Then I plugged it back into the computer’s REAR USB port (my friend just tells me, “the front ones don’t work”) and it still wouldn’t turn on.  HOWEVER a minute or two later, still plugged in, the BLUE RING OF DEATH turned on, and is still on, some ten minutes later while the screen is still completely blank, meanwhile the device is now so warm as to be almost HOT.  I put it in the fridge.

So.  WHAT HAPPENED?  Am I f*cked?  Whose heads will roll from this catastrophe?  PLEASE HELP I CAN’T FIGURE THIS OUT.

Thank you so much

Are you sure it was a Sansa cable and maybe not one made for an iPod? They are very similar-looking and the Apple cable will plug into a Sansa mp3 player, but as they are wired differently, it will fry your Sansa.

YES I AM SURE IT WAS A SANSA CABLE it said “SanDisk” on it and is identical to my own cable.  What diff would it make anyways, the device is F-ed.  Also it turns out it was the old cable and not the new one, although big deal.  Any advice for me?

OK the problem was the memory chip thingy got loose, I jammed it back in and it SORT of works again.  I am going to start a new thread to address the problem…