E280 Lockup

My e280 occasionally will just stop playing. I have to hold the on button down for at least 30 seconds before it will come up. When it does the screen will show where I started playing. For example if I restart a podcast in the middle of it, it will run fine & go to the next podcast until it locks up. When it comes back up it will be in the middle of the podcast where I restarted. This happens with music as well as podcasts. The other night at the gym it locked up & when I restarted & pushed play it would lock up again. That was the only time I have seen it that bad. Any ideas?

Sorry, I forgot to include that it is a v2 with firmware 03.01.16. I have tried reloading the firmware, no change.

Does it do this with only certain files? Such as recently downloaded podcasts? I would suspect file corruption in this case.

You can run Error-Checking or ChkDsk to look for and fix corrupted files.