[e280] Additional Language Support

Hi everyone,

I just bought this e280 player, updated firmware to .18a, and it looks great.

Since this is an American ver. player, so it does support a variety of European languages. However no Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) is supported, which is reasonable I guess…

But I’m just wondering if there is any way to obtain additional language support (mainly Asian languages, e.g. Chinese and Japanese) for my e280 player (bought in Canada).

Well, ANY way? I mean if I gotta do something risky (say flash firmware to an Asian ver.), I’d better do that within the warranty period…o.O

Just a heads up, messing with the system files on a player and intentionally trying to alter its usage DOES void the warranty. RockBox for example, voids the warranty.

lol, i saw that was not a good example

anyways, any “good” ways to do so?

Most American firmware are slowly moving over to Pacific anyway. The sansa firmware updater will do this eventually I believe. Unfortunetely there is no ETA for it. So if it REALLY needed, the only way would be to purchase one in that area.


oh well, hope i may get it from the updater before the unit is totally behind the times

thank you for replying anyways~

I have tested the firmware myself, I just dont know when they are gonna implement it.

Thats cool, I wonder when they are going to do that…