e270v1 doesn't connect to pc


recently i have a problem with my e270v1.

it is functioning ok, but cannot connect to the pc (3 different pc’s, with win7, ubuntu and xp).

the only way i was able to connect it was in manufacturing mode to ubuntu.

i have tried the following things:

  1. switch to msc mode.

  2. buy a new cable

  3. manually update firmware and bootloader and format using the e200tool (with .rom .mi4 and sansa.fmt)

  4. disassemble and reassemble the memory daughter card.

  5. clean connectors with alcohol.

  6. write a working firmware image over the hidden partition (using e200tool)

do you have any other ideas for how to solve my problem?



What exactly did you do with #3?

I connected the player in manufacturing mode to my ubuntu pc.

then in the terminal “e200tool recover BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom”. it opened the 16mb disk.

i copied pp5022.mi4 and BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom and sansa.fmt empty file.

then i ejected the drive and disconnected.

it said “formatting” and installing firmware and bootloader.

i waited until it restarted and shut down again (keys locked) and restarted.

it went up fine, without the music that was on it, and still could not connect, not even in recovery mode (only in manufacturing mode)