e270 Update

I have a Sansa e270. My current version is 1.02.189A. I added a 2GB card.

When I plug in my Sansa, it says I have a Firmware update to 1.02.165 that is 6.8MB in Size.

1st - Why would it have an update that seems to be a downgrade. I am at 1.02.189, it wants to update to 1.02.165, which to me is a lower version than I currently have, am I not seeing this correctly?

2nd - When I try to do the upgrade, it says either there is not enough room on my hard drive to do it, or there was an error downloading. But my hard drive shows I have over 5GB free. I removed everything from my player, there is no music on it at all. I don’t get it. Or I get an error message saying it failed to download try again later. I have been trying for over 3 days to do it.

What is the issue.

Google has never heard of the 1.02.189 firmware. But assuming you have an e270R, 1.02.165 was the final firmware version.

I’d suggest not to touch or update the firmware. Golden rule is that only do this when you have no other choice to fix an issue.