e260v2 Format Through Windows


My Sansa got “tired” And wrote Not enough space…  I searched on Google I found a solution to format

the SansaThrough the PC. And since then  the Sansa is not turned on . Computer detects TWO drives

1)997M  2)0M .Now I see you have written “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORMAT”
My question Is there what to do TO Fix Sansa “e260v2”  Or to use as a USB device?

Sincerely yours truly

  • Connect to computer.
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Right click on 1st drive (player).
  • Select Format.
  • Select FAT32.
  • Do not select Quick Format.
  • Let’er rip.

Thanks for the quick response. I did as you said And still, the Sansa e260v2  Is not turned on.
I added songs via Windows Media Player (rip) TO WMA format . WMP Reader the Sansa as “UNDEF”
When the Sansa connects to a computer ,WMP Was opened. Also I tried “SansaUpdater”
Not recognize any  Sansa device. (Apparently, nothing changed)
What did you mean By  “Let’er rip.”

Sincerely yours truly