e260 v1 Battery Life

A new member here. I purchased

I purchased a e260 many years ago and hardly ever used it. It had been sitting in storage for at least 6 years and maybe more. I came across it yesterday while searching for something else and decided to see if it still worked. To my surprise it still had some battery charge. I charged it, did a firmware update and have been playing the tuner for the last 4 hours at almost max volume through full-size AKG headphones sitting on my desk just to see how long the battery would last… The battery meter has barely moved. I am quite surprised by this because I have never owned anything where a battery was as good as what is in this sansa.

With regular use does anyone know what battery longevity is and can it be replaced when it goes bad?.  

“Regular” use is too subjective a term but yes, the player is designed with a user-replaceable battery. Problem is finding one for this old of a player. :wink:

I don’t know about the battery in the e260, but when the Clip line first came out, I looked into the stats a bit, and determined that the battery and the OLED screen would last for many years of moderate, many-hours use per day; I think it was 3-5 years, or more.  And that was before the charge capacity markedly would go down–but it still would function.

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And lo and behold, e260 replacement batteries through Amazon.com, around $5-$6.   ???



That is a great find. Thank you kindly.

I have what I believe is an unusual issue with 2 E260 Sandisk. 

I have purchased replacemeny batteries for both units and the batteries fail to charge. I had purchased the charger  unit for them and additionally have cords for each that may be plugged into a AC USB and into the outlet.

The charging lamp comes on both units and the battery icon fills the screen. But two or three ours later when the unit is removed from the power source it goes dark. These batteries are the FOR E200 INSTEN 3.7V 1300mAh 4.81 Wh Li-ion. Got them from Amazon. 

Know it’s possible for a bad lot, but I think something else is going on. Can’t seem to find anyone with any issue that resembles this. Any help from a geek out there would be appreciated, Bought these devices for the ability to change out batteries when they became exhausted.

And the terminals for each device are correctly positioned to the batteries.

I am having the same problem, my Sansa e260 would not charge the battery.  I purchased a new battery and the unit worker great again until I tried to charge the new battery.  After trying to charge the new battery the unit dies as soon as I unplug the charger, just like it did with the old battery.  To me it appears to be a problem with the player and not with the battery.  

So far I have not found a solution.  My $15 Samsung Galaxy Centura smart phone has replaced my Sansa e260 MP3 player.