e260 turns on then screen turns white and does this over and over

Can anybody help me out!? I have a e260 and just recently I tried to listen to music but when I turned it on, the screen shows the SanDisk logo but then it goes white and starts all over again. I have tried different kinds of resetting(holding the power button down, taking the battery out, doing a system recovery) but nothing seems to work!! HELP ME PLEASE!!! I can’t go without listening to music!!!

Re-load the firmware.

If it works, great.

If it doesn’t, try taking it apart and pressing on a little dark grey/black piece of foam padding. This is the cushioning on the memory chip residing on a ‘daughterboard’. Sometimes it can becoome un-seated from the motherboard (main circuit baord). You may feel or hear a slight click as you press on it. Re-assemble the player.

If it works, great.

If it doesn’t, buy a new player and sell this one for parts on eBay.

How do I reset the firmware?

You’ll have to know whether you have a v1 or v2 model as the different hardware systems require different firmware versions.

You can find the firmware downloads and instructions for manual installation here (the 3rd post down from the top of the board you just posted in). :wink:

     I would add to the last, spray with contact cleaner ( Radio shack “Precision Electronics Cleaner”) before putting it on e-Bay.   I have cured a reluctant, brand-new Fuze+ which wouldn’t charge and an old e260v2 which gradually lost contact with my reality with contact cleaner.   In the case of the Fuze+ one might suspect contamination during manufacture of the point contacts between the cable and the input socket and in the case of the e260v2 one could suspect contamination  by dust, sweat, Santa Cruz dirt from being dropped on the ground while an unleashed dog attacked mine, and any number of else.