e260 not seen by XP or Vista

My recently purchased e260 had version 01.00.12A firmware.  I also added a 2 gb micro sd card.  With that version, I could hook up to Vista or XP and everything worked (more or less).  Last night I used the Sansa Firmware Updater to install version 01.02.24A.  All appeared to go as indicated in the instructions.  Checking the version installed indicates it is 01.02.24A, but now the only thing I can do with a computer is to charge the battery.  It does not see the installed flash drive or the micro sd device.

Before the update, when the player was attached via the usb cable, it would show as “connected” on the player and the computer would see the attached flash memory.  After the firmware updated and rebooted the e260, then when connecting the player it turns on (as if in play mode) and if I turn it off a large battery icon appears and says “charging”.  I have tried all the different usb settings with no positive result.

Since the device is not recognized by any operation system (or multiple computers either), how can I update this to allow me to load music once again??? 

UPDATE:  I was able to correct the problem by locking the hold button and holding the record button while connecting it to my computer.  That forced it to be recognized by the computer.  After disconnecting, it caused the sansa player to re-install the firmware.

Once the firmware was re-installed, I was able to connect to the computer and have the e260 device recognized.  So I can update the music with windows media player again.

After you update the firmware, the player re-boots back to the default USB mode - MTP. You have to go into Settings >> USB Mode & change it back to MSC mode for your computer to recognize it as another drive/device. You might find that some of your other settings will revert back to the default also like 24 hr. time instead of 12 hr, your EQ settings, etc. I’d go through them all & check.