e260 keeps switching from connected screen to SANDSK screen while in MTP mode

I have 3 e260’s one in ? is refurbished the other in ? is not. I use “charter music” for d-loads, if  in MSC mode i keep getting "this device does not support JANUS technology " . The third e260 will d-load in MTP , but the other two in ? keep switching from connected screen to the main SANDSK screen I have updated the firmware in all 3 formatted the refurbished on to no avail Any Help would be greatly appreciated… Thanks

Charter uses DRM technology (Janus). To transfer those tracks you are going to have to put the unit in MTP mode and go through the Charter player.

DRM (digital rights mayhem) is often a complete PITA.  Its basic function is to get in the way and make it difficult for you to use the files. 

First, can you just play regular (non-Charter) mp3 files transferred in MSC mode? Get a free one from www.stereogum.com or someplace else if you need one to try. 

Are you logged in as Administrator on the computers that are having problems?

Try reinstalling Charter’s player. 

Try reinstalling Windows Media Player. 

Look on Charter’s website for its Help or Support section. 

i have tried all those solutions but as i said it works for one of the e260 but not the other two …

Go to Settings and Info and Firmware Version in each unit. What does each one show?


Well, if they’re all v1s, all running the same firmware but behaving differently, I’m baffled. You really should contact Charter.