e260 is not reckonised by my pc - Connecting / Writing / Disconnecting / Refresh Database

Hi All,

Can anyone help please !!

I’ve got an e260 which had been lying in a drawer for a year or so. I’ve decided to use it again so naturally plugged it into my pc to charge it up, it appears to charge ok as the yellow lightening flash appears and the green bar moves across. The problem is that it does not show up as a drive in ‘My Computer’ so i cant connect with it to add or delete songs etc.

On the screen of the sansa it flashes up a picture of a e260 and a computer screen with the following text :

1. Connecting

followed by

2. Writing

followed by

3. Disconnected

followed by

4. Refresh Database

This is all that it keeps doing, has anyone else had this problem or knows of a possible solution. Please help !!

P.S. It still lets me play the music that is already stored on it.

Thanks in advance !!!

I am having the same problem.

Might be a bad cord. Otherwise, see this Sandisk Knowledge Base Article.

You could also use the Search function here on the forum.