E260 Full, cannot delete or update

We have tried to delete music from the library in order to delete songs from the MP3,  we cannot sync in order to do this because the MP3 player is full.  We cannot update firmware either.  Help… We have version 1 of the software and there is no auto delete from the player option.   

Can you access the v1 device using Windows Explorer (My Computer) ?

The File Allocation Table, if corrupted, can make it appear that the device is full.  If you can connect in MSC mode, the manage function, checking the drive for errors, is the first thing I’d try.

To change USB communications mode on a v1, go to Settings > USB Mode on the device.  Running the “check volume for errors” (Windows) or chkdsk from a command prompt is only possible in MSC mode.

Are you using Windows Media Player to sync your music files to the device?  If you started with an automatic sync session, WiMP can “max out” the device.  To correct this, if you have the device connected, open WiMP and select Set Up Sync again.  Remove the undersiable items like “all photos” and “all music”.  These may contain more data that your 4GB device can hold.  After setting up the list, click on the Sync button. Though it sounds counterintuitive, WiMP will actually remove the mess it transferred to the Sansa, allowing you to manually select content in the future.

The v1 devices do not have a “delete” option on the player itself, unfortunately. (The later devices do.)  To remove files, you must connect to the PC and delete using a media manager like WiMP, or My Computer.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: