E260 Crummy Recurrent Problems



Try to make this short…but probably not…these are the procedures I follow:

1.  Sign in to Rhapsody

2.  Connect my device

3.  Create playlists in My Library

4.  Create playlists on my E260

5.  TRY and transfer playlists from My Library to my device using

      the drag and drop method

6.  Unhook device

7.  Look at playlists on my device

8.  Multiple songs of the same title, all songs for a certain playlist

     do not show up under that playlist but are under All Songs

9.  Hook device back up to Rhapsody

10. Try and drag and drop playlists from My Library to device

11. Unhook device

12. Same thing happens over and over…

13. Go to My Library in Rhapsody and my Playlists only have a

      couple of songs I had downloaded from Rhapsody to Playlist,

      have to re-format E-260 and reload all songs that are missing

      from My Library that were previously there, and re-drag and

     drop on my device.

14.  Have to PURCHASE certain songs when I have a

      membership with Rhapsody which were just on my Sansa 2

      minutes ago

15.  HELP…I just want to put songs on my E260 and have the

       playlists be the same as when I loaded them and when I

       hook back up to Rhapsody have My Library playlists have

       ALL the songs in them that were there when I loaded



Does it have to be in a certain mode for transfer and/or I have also re-formatted my Sansa many, many times…


I am ready to throw my Sansa through SanDisk’s WINDOW.  I have had it only 5 months and it has been doing this since onset.  Am I downloading songs wrong?  Or should I be using Windows Media Player?   HELP!