e250v2 freezes


I gave up with my DRM-10-problem (see post below); but still thanks for the help!

Now I’ve got a new problem: The e250v2 of a friend of mine freezes / hangs up regularly: When we switch it on, it freezes quite often, showing only the start-screen. Sometimes, the screen stays black at all and only the blue circle glows. The player freezes from time to time when in use (listening to music, transferring data from the pc), too.

We use the combination rec+power to switch it off again, and this usually works (though we sometimes have to wait up to some hours till the player will react and shut down). But as it freezes quite often and gets annoying, my question is: Is there anything we can do to stop it hanging up so regularly?

All other functions of the player work perfectly fine (and the firmware is up to date, as far as I can see; the “info” says: V03.01.16f)…

I would be very grateful for any advice!