e250v2 battery life

After full charge the battery shows empty or very low only after a couple of hours.  Please advice.

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Can you connect in MTP mode and check the battery status under “properties” during charge?

Perhaps you’re not getting enough juice.  This is the same between the Fuze and e200v2: the green battery icon will go solid after a full charge, and the lightning bolt will disappear.

If you are connected in MTP mode, you can check the battery charge status by opening a windows explorer window [Windows Key] + E, and right clicking on the Sansa.  Select properties , and you will see two interesting things: the current charge status, and the device’s ID number (First 16 digits of the string).

Please note!  The battery status displayed here does not refresh automatically (ahem!  Thanks, Microsoft.)  You will need to click on the Sansa again to read changes in the charge level.  If you leave this window open, it will look like your Sansa isn’t charging (no change until refreshing the screen manually), so refresh it later to check the status.

The battery display of the Fuze is ten steps, versus the current v2 display of four increments.  Please note that it’s possible for a v2 to have a charge level just under 50 per cent make the display go red with quite a few hours to go.

On the Fuze, you can verify the charge level by going to Settings > System Settings > Info, and scroll down to read the actual power level.  If you haven’t updated your Fuze to the latest firmware, version 01.01.15, the power display won’t be available.

Check your v2 as it charges, and when the lightning bolt disappears, check that it is fully charged via “properties”.

Unplug, enjoy a few hours of music, and plug in later to see if the display and meter are matching.

With your v2, the Sansa e200 Battery Kit is under $20.  It has a Li-ion 750maH pack.  The Fuze battery is sealed for life, but has a lithium polymer cell, with higher energy density than the Li-ion.

Now, if your v2 isn’t charging completely (same goes for the Fuze), be sure that the device is plugged in to a USB2 port, as not all ports are created equal.  The ports on the rear of the computer are often better.  The Fuze and v2 have a nice long cable (a Clip needs a mini-B USB cable, as it’s supplied with a wee stub one).

Fear not, if you are running with an earlier machine (Win98/ME/2000) and USB1.1, as there are PCI bus cards out there for under $10 that will give you USB2!!  For many, under ten bucks is a great investment for the student that can’t update the entire PC just for charging the Sansa.  (Or if your boss wouldn’t update that ME machine…hehehe.  I just replaced that old toad with an XP machine.  The old one is an aluminum bookend now, or a handy retro printer pedestal perhaps.)

Now get those earbuds on, and drain your battery!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Thanks.  I’ll try, but I need to know somethings:  What is MTP mode?  and will I be able to replace the battery if I find out that it is bad?

More symptoms I found out during the last couple of days:

  • It charges to a maximum (not checked in MTP mode)
  • It plays for only about 3 hours, and then it shut off
  • then if I let it stnad for a short while, it will show half battery and play for another 1/2 an hour and then shut off.  It will continue for a few more time, every time playing for less time, till just playing for 30 seconds.


MTP mode is used when ‘syncing’ a portable device with Windows Media Player. It stands for M edia T ransfer P rotocol. MSC (or M ass S torage C lass) makes your device seen as any other flash drive to your computer. You can view files on it and simply drag & drop music, etc. onto it. Music loaded on in one protocol however, cannot be seen by the computer while it is in the other mode.

Sounds like your battery is toast. Look for a new one on Amazon or E-Bay. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $7 - $15. Try the links in this post. They may still be available.

Replacing the battery on the e200 series is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. 4 screws hold the back on (don’t lose them in the pile carpet). The back comes off, the battery slips out. New one goes in; cover and 4 screws replaced. Done! Charge and enjoy. :smiley:

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The replaceable battery makes things simple (though it also makes for a thicker device).

MTP mode has the advantage in cases of testing the charge status, as you can look under “properties” to confirm the state of charge as calculated by the Sansa’s processor.

If you are curious about the status of your charge status graphic display, it’s a handy tool.  The Fuze has the advanrtage of higher resolution on the display.

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