e250r WMP unable to sync

So, short recap of my life with my e250r.  Has worked perfectly for about 2 years.  Recently it would start freezing up in the middle of songs randomly and I would be unable turn on/off.  I wiped all the music from it, updated all software, and formatted it.

It was reset basically to when I bought it…I thought.  Now when I go into WMP and SYNC like I have been doing for the past 2 years…every song says ERROR and you get that red X next to the song.  So I am unable to sync any music.

I have searched the forums and couldn’t find a great answer.  Any ideas?  I emailed sandisk support a few days ago and got no respsone :frowning:

When you update the firmware, sometimes the USB mode gets changed. To sync with WMP, your player must be in MTP/Plays For Sure mode, not MSC/Rhapsody mode.

This might help (unless you’ve already verified it’s in the correct mode).

you know theres a e200 rhapsody forum eh?