e250r audio files missing in explorer???? help please

I did a search on here and see no similar complaints or solution…

I switched my setting from Rhapsody only to play all and then connect via usb and I can see folders for all the audio file albums but when I go into the folder hoping to delete and add music… there are no audio files visible… only the jpg album art files…

what do I need to change to see the files so I can delete them please?

thank you.

Try switching the USB mode (on the player), re-connect and see if they are visible. Your computer can only see files while in the same mode as they were originally transferred to the player in.

Hi Tfrentz, I’m just wondering about this if switching modes work for you? It would help a lot on users getting this issue in the future.

Hi Tfrentz, any news so far if this the tip given for you worked? It would help a lot of users who might be experiencing this in the future.

Hi tfrentz, just checking on this. How did this worked out for you if I may ask?

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode