My E250 was frozen and after attempts to unfreeze failed I read advice in this forum to turn it off, push across hold button and then hold the record button whilst unit then connected to pc for “Recovery” mode to operate.  I have done that and have message displayed" Welcome to recovery mode"

USB cable connected

Enter USB2.0 MSD mode

I can’t enter any mode as nothing happens when I press any control buttons.

What do I need to do from this step to restore my awesome player to operational mode.


First, read this.

Second, read this.

Thanks I will read them now.

Well firstly I would like to appologise if I did my post inappropriately, put it down to a newbie thing.

Secondly, the link and information in link was so much apppreciated.  It worked like a charm.

I am into motorcycle Delphi forums and I know that newbies sometimes get it wrong but there are so many helpful members to guide them to the right path and give them the right information.  I apppreciate you taking the time for me re this issue.

I use this MP3 player daily and love it to bits.  I would have replaced it with another Sansa if this one was not fixable. Thanks.

Glad it worked for you! :smiley:

With your help the resulting fix was perfect. Thanks!

de gran ayuda. muchas gracias y bien explicado