e250 trouble

when I turn my e250 on it says “refresh data base fail” .and when I try put any  songs on it my computer says insert disk to E: or F:. and when I connect it to the computer the e250 says “Disconnected” and it also acts like it is full but has nothing on it. what do I do? someone please help me.

Hey man, I had this issue before as well…

There are numerous threads around the forums about it. But try this in recovery mode:

Open up a blank note pad, save the file as sansa.fmt Also make sure you select all files, instead of making it a text document. I did that once, and it did not work. Drag the newly created file to your 16MB Format drive under My Computer, and then disconnect your player, and see if that works.

Thats what they did for me, when I received my refresh database failed message.

its here
and probably dozen more threads…

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