i am running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional with Microsoft’s media player. I’m trying to download pictures to my e250. I drag my pictures to the sync area like it says. Then I click on start sync ,and wait untill it says sync completed. When I do a click on “click here” to see the download results I see a listing of the photos that I had put in the sink list area except that they all show an error under the status heading. I have no problem with downloading music files. Can someone clue me in as what I have to do to get my pictures to download?

Set your player to MSC mode and simply drag & drop them into the Photos folder.

First I’m not sure what you meant when you said, “simply drag and drop them into the photos folder”.Could you clarify that statement a little more in detail for me?

Here is what I have tried on my own. I went to the SETTINGS area, then to the USB mode and made sure that I was set to MSC as you recommended. While I was at it I went to my INFO to check on how much memory was available. It showed 1695MB free, more than what was needed for my download. I then connected my Sansa to a USB port which assigned drive (G:). It showed that the sensa was connected to my PC. I went to the explorer screen and double-click on Sansa (G:) which showed the folders, MYPICTURES, PHOTO, RECORD, tmp and VIDEO. I then clicked on pictures in my library’s area. This brought up all the folders that I had stored pictures in. I double clicked on the folder that I wanted to select single pictures from. I simply drag and drop the pictures in the folder MYPICTURES. After I moved a picture I noticed that WRITING replaced the word CONNECTED on the sansa screen. I closed the Explorer program that I was using and disconnected my Sensa. Then I went to my view photo list then to MYPICTURES folder, clicked on that and the <EMPTY> message appears. I then connected my sansa back to a USB port(G:), when I go back to explore and double-click on sansae250(G:) it shows the MYPICTURES folder, but when I click on it all the pictures that were downloaded show up. I must be doing something wrong. HELP!  

Sounds like you’re doing it correctly. What format are the pictures? Are they a format your Sansa can read? If I recall correctly, BMP & JPG are the only supported ones on the e200 series. No PNG, GIF’s or anything else

Others may suggest using the Sansa Media Converter, for which tranferring photos to the Sansa players is indeed one of it’s functions, but I have had success (albeit a long time ago) with doing exactly as you are doing, no SMC necessary.