e200v2 related suggestions

The e200 will support any bitrates from 64-320kbps; both wma or mp3.

I personally know that variable bitrates will work fine, but there is no
"official" documentation on this. The only mention of bitrates that
SanDisk has provided is the quality of tested mp3’s.

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Sansa Mod. Team


So if I have drop out problems,

you suggest encoding with

fixed bit-rates and see, if the

problem is still there.

So the official version is: Sansa e200v2

is not tested with variable bit-rates,

if it works, the customer can be happy.

That is really interesting information!

So, here is my request:

Include variable bit-rates into the next

firmware and publish the variable bit-rates

that are supported.

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If you would like to make a request, please do so in the
"feature suggestions" thread. I would imagine if it got enough backing
from the general public, it is more likely to happen.

I do not accept firmware request, as I am not involved with that process.


This post and all its replies are going to be deleted shortly. Please be
sure to create a new thread if a topic needs to be brought up.

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Sansa Mod. Team


So please add “drop-out-free”, “officially tested” variable bit-rates as feature

for the e200v2.