e200v1 01.02.24 Firmware Download & Instructions

I cast my (meaningless?) vote for an archive, too.  Sometimes in the process of fixing one bug another one is introduced.  As a programmer I know this to be the case.  It would be good to be able to revert to a prior version to see if the bug also existed in that version or if something was done in a later revision that caused the bug.

when will you publish a new v1 for hebrew language?  

My player has always been set to MSC.

Why did it switch to MTP after the upgrade?

@myosis wrote:

My player has always been set to MSC.

Why did it switch to MTP after the upgrade?

The default may have changed to MTP, reflecting the upgrades made in MTP (Windows Media Player) functionality with WiMP 11.  This can be changed as you prefer, by navigating to Settings > USB Mode, and selecting your personal preference.

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Several other settings also changed back to default after the firmware upgrade:  Custom EQ,  Backlight,  Date & Time (changed to 24 hour time),  Volume.  All easily changed back to your preferred settings.



neutron_bob, I just noticed your abbreviation for Windows Media Player!   LOL!!

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What is about SDHC-Support in v1-Devices?

Yes, I would also like to know if/when SDHC

support will become available for e200 v1 series.

In the meantime … I will look into Rockbox.

I just upgraded my e280 to firmware 01.02.24 and found a problem-- maybe a bug? 

While I can still drag and drop new MP3s (from ripped CDs of mine) to the Sansa, the cover art files (jpgs) are no longer allowed to transfer-- I get an error saying that it’s not allowed.  Up until now, I could copy these with the rest of the album folder with no problem, and they would display when playing on the Sansa.  All the older albums are still there and, while the previously loaded artwork still displays, the image files are not to be seen in the file listing in Window Explorer when exploring the Sansa. (But they HAVE to be there-- they still display on the player!)  These image files are originally downloaded by Windows Media Player when you play the CD on your computer.  New albums I’ve downloaded (ripped from CDs) play on the Sansa, but there is no album art associated with it. 

Is this a bug or a known issue?  I didn’t see in release notes or recent forum discussion.

MSC mode allows drag and drop of all file types, including cover art.  MTP mode does not allow drag and drop of jpgs.  Possibly your e280 USB setting was MSC before you upgraded the firmware and it defaulted to MTP after you installed the new firmware.  Change it back to MSC and see if it fixes you up.

Voila!  Your suggestion to switch from MTP to MSC USB mode fixed the problem.  I should have realized this, but I guess I had the device in MSC for oh-so-long that I forgot-- and when the firmware upgrade switched me back to the default MTP, I ran aground.

Thanks for the tip.

You’re very welcome; glad it worked. 

After I updated my firmware, the tip-off that something was amiss was the time … it defaulted to 24-hour time!  I did some further checking and found that several default settings had changed.

This firmware works like crap, it kills your MP3 player. Believe me, I’m just wanna talk to tech support, but, they don’t reply back for months.

First off, credit to THComputerGuy for figuring this out, and posting it here

If you have upgraded to 01.02.24 and it’s not working, 01.02.18 is available for download.  Use this link - http://mp3support.sandisk.com/firmware/e200/e200v101.02.18a.zip - for the Americas version, or change the “18a” in the address bar to whatever region you’re looking for. 

Just follow these instructions for manual install (clipped from the original post in this thread).  Manual install is a snap – I recommend ditching the updater, because updates are going to be few and far between for the discontinued e200 v1. 

Once downloaded, extract the .zip file into a folder (take note to remember where you saved it).
Next, change the device’s mode from MTP to MSC by going to “Settings” then “USB Mode”, then selecting MSC.
Next, connect the device to the computer and it should show up with a drive letter. In the root directory of the Sansa e200v1, add the firmware files you just extracted from the zip.
Once its been added, disconnect the device, it will then say that it is upgrading the firmware. It will eventually turn off. Once it turns off, turn it back on, and it should ask you for a language to select. Once the language is chosen, head to Settings > Info and verify that the “Version” is the same as the latest verstion, mentioned above.

How do you change the device’s mode from MTP to MSC if you have a black screen?

Ok, I just took a hammer too it and destroyed it into many pieces. I will never buy a MP3 player from Sandisk again. Totally pissed ex-customer.

The aforementioned firmware rollback method only works if the Sansa is operational, and if it has not been smashed into many pieces with a hammer.  If either of those two conditions apply to your Sansa, other remedies will be needed. 

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You are just too ruthless! You bad dog!

Now FreeSky? … “Oh, no you d’n’t.” (not really, … did you?)

And thanks for the Kudos, CN … on my single stroke of genius for my lifetime in being able to change firmware update filename paths to accessing past archival firmware updates, or basically “down”-dates or firmware downgrades. Anywho, thanks,  … You and NeutronBOB … should we call him Neu’ny, are pretty cool. Isn’t there also a MooseGuy too. Greetings to you all!

I think I am about ready to try on Rockbox for a fit … probably a “hissy-fit” will be more like it, hahah.

 … and aaaaaaaaaaa … BTW, why did we somehow stop at “rule five”?:dizzy_face:

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freesky2 wrote:
Ok, I just took a hammer too it and destroyed it into many pieces. I will never buy a MP3 player from Sandisk again. Totally pissed ex-customer.

You have posted this multiple times in different threads. If you continue to spam, you will be banned for 24hrs to start

Not that anyone is going to be astonished by this news, but 01.02.24 does NOT fix the “white screen of death during video playback” bug. 

i think that if there was any way possible,

a new firmware should allow us to play other media rather than just music off the microsd,

and maybe even allow us to use sdhc cards as well, but thats not as important,

i really do not want to get rockbox because i like the way original firmware works,

but it seems that many of the things i would like to be able to do i can only do on a v2,

and since i didnt know this v1/v2 firmware info when i bought the player, i cant return and get it,

so my only hope is that the next firmware will ‘magicaly’ allow us to do this,

after all, if a 3rd party firmware can have this stuff, why cant the original?