E200R Playlist files don't sync


I charged my E20R the other day, and I synced whatever is new in my collection of music, but when I went to run a playlist, there weren’t any!  Except the OnTheGo playlist, of course.  There used to be about 15 or so a couple months ago.  Do they get deleted if you don’t charge or sync every week?

Another symptom I noticed is that even tho the computer “recognizes” the device,  the File Properties for the player dosen’t show the battery level now…

All the song files are there, so I can play a song directly, but the playlist files don’t get sync’d AT ALL.  I even looked into the playlist folder on the device, which is now empty, besides the OnTheGo playlist.

I was thinking that a major or hard reset my fix things? Formatting the memory doesen’t help.  I am unable to do a hardreset.

thX,  Tom.

Sounds like you need to change your USB mode to Plays For Sure. This option is in the Settings menu.

Yeah, I figured that out  yesterday, but thanks.  I don’t understand how the mode could’ve changed    by itself.  Maybe some settings get messed up when the battery gets really low.