E200 Series Scroll Wheel Light

Next firmware for the E200 v1 please give the option to turn off the light for the scroll wheel.  It’s blinding at night, even when I turn the screen brightness down.

This feature is available on Rockbox with a separate timer than the screen timeout timer.

Thank you!

Bloody good idea about the light!!  My first night in bed listening to a book on tape  I paused and my wife was shocked awake by the blue blast.

I too have seen what rockbox can do.  It must not be that difficult to dim a light or turn off.

Alos PRAY for song delete feature and BOOKMARKS- From Sansa- (which rockbox can do).

e200v2’s can delete a song

WTF? lol

what the heck does deleting a song on the player have to do with the blue light, lol.

Hillshum wrote:

e200v2’s can delete a song

And then?? 

Blink Blink

Blink Blink

Im way late on this topic but had to voice! blue light dimmer is a great idea!
I use this in my jeep, and at night it is blinding!   cool!    but blinding.