e200 not able to remove safely from computer...

Hi, I just purchased my Sansa e200 and when I plug it into my computer it will charge and let me load music to it, etc. But when I go to “safely remove” the hardware there is no symbol down by the clock to click on like normal external memory devices have. I’m not sure how to remove this mp3 player safely without powering down my computer first. I’m in MTP mode.
Thanks for any help!

I just double-checked the user’s manual and you do NOT need to do the “Safe Removal” if your player is in MTP mode. Just make sure it’s not still transferring anything (so it should say “Connected” not “Writing”) and just unplug it.

It’s when it’s in MSC mode that you need to worry about the Safe Removal.

alright, thank you soo much!!

Removing safely applies mainly to MSC mdoe, but can be applies to MTP mode as well. It is simply to avoid garbled info songs ect. Sometimes u may see garbled rubbuhs files. Usually if no proccess is occuring, it should be fine :slight_smile: