e200 freezes while refreshing data base

Normally when it freezes I can just take the battery out and it will reboot just fine. However now it goes into this endless “refreshing database” and gets stuck at the same point every time.  It also freezes at a point before its detected by the computer  so I can’t even format the thing. It is getting power from the usb port though because I can start it up without the battery installed if it’s plugged into my comptuer.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Freezing during the database refresh is generally caused by the player encountering a file (specifically the ID3 tag of the file) you put on that it cannot read.

When plugging into a computer the database does not refresh as the computer makes a ‘data’ connection, so this should not stop you from moving the files (if not backed up) or deleting them from the player in order to check/edit them with an ID3 tag editor for the problem before transferring them back to the player. If the player does start to refresh the database wen you plug it into your computer, perhaps your cable is bad

By the way, you shouldn’t have to remove/reset the battery whenever anything goes wrong; you can simply press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds to reset it.

It isn’t just when I plug it into the computer that it refreshes, every time I turn it on it tries to refresh database then freezes until I turn it off. I only said that it responds to being plugged into the usb thing to show there is still connectivity between the e200 and my computer. However,  the device doesn’t show up in My Computer so I can’t edit any files. I suppose it could be a faulty usb connecter, I’ll have to try another one later when I can get my spare.