e200 firmware request -- Disable the record button!!

In future firmware, please add an option to disable the record button.  I’m always hitting it (usually in the middle of a song, when I’m fishing the player out of my pocket), and I never want it! 

There is a setting that can change that.  I know the e200R series has one.  If not, you could try Rockbox.

The hold button works great when you need to carry your player around in your pocket. Turning the hold switch on disables all of the buttons on the player so they won’t interrupt your music if you accidentally hit buttons pulling the player from your pocket.

There is a way to disable it from Settings: Record Button:

Start Recording

Ask first

Turn Off

I set mine to ask first…

I have firmware V03.01.11A

Hope this helps.

Posters please state what unit and model for which  you refer the note above to turn off recorder button is not in E200 series V1.

I couldnt find it in my v1.  But it is in rockbox.  :wink: