e130 "please insert disk"

Hello, new to this forum, hope you can help.  My daughter gave me her e130 a couple weeks ago as she received a new player.  I hooked it up to my pc (XP SP2) and it saw the player.  I removed all of her music leaving it blank.  There is no storage card on this btw.  This weekend I tried to transfer some of my own files to it.  XP still sees it as a drive letter but when I try to transfer, it bombs.  Opening up windows explorer,  I see that drive I is assigned.  If I click on the drive letter, a pop up says “please insert a disk into drive I.”  I tried installing the Rhapsody software but that doesn’t recognize any device attached to my pc.  I’m not sure what happened here.  Anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks in advance.—Todd

And just like that, I found out my problem.  I tried connecting it on another pc and besides the I drive showing, an H drive was listed showing the Sansa device.  On my pc, my H drive is assigned to my home directory on my network.  I must have disconnected the H drive for some reason originally allowing me to see both connections.  I would delete the thread but I don’t see the option so if a mod would like to do that, please go ahead.  Thanks, Todd