e 250 not playing

I just added a bunch of music on my sd card and it will refresh the database but when I go to play music it freezes any thoughts, it’s a 8 gig card with about 6 gigs of music on it. It has v2 firmware and was working fine before I added all the new music had about 1 gig on it before, and nothing on the device itself.

  • Is the music you put on a supported format (.mp3, .wma, .flac)?
  • Do the audio files have ID3 tags?
  • Are they the required format (ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1)?
  • Is the Comments field in the ID3 tag empty? The player doesn’t use this field and anything in there can confuse the player.
  • Does the tag contain large, embedded album art?
  • How many songs/files in total fo you have on the card. The e series is an old, old player and therfore has a rather limited database (+/-2000 songs).