e-140 shuffle mode

Hi all,

I have an e140 mp3 player, the firmware version is 2.0.001a.

I usually set the shuffle mode on, but it it does not shuffle very well the files. Once you have a set of files recorded in the memory, any time you turn the device on the playback always start from the same song. Besides, it repeats some songs a lot, and others are played very rarely.

Only if you add or delete some files, it changes the first song to be played.

It could be solved just with a firmware update, probably. Is my device firmware the latest or is there a newer one?

I believe thats the latest one, and if it is… SanDisk is no longer making newer firmwares for products that have reached its end of life. They arent making any more e100s, daps, companions, and c100s if im nto mistaken.

I was expecting that, Enigma, but thank’s anyway.

its nice to have some confirmation at least.